Zafirovski to Speak This Week

For people anxiously to hear CEO Mike Zafirovski’s strategic vision, the wait could be over this week when he delivers his first public speech at RBC Capital’s Communications, Media & Technology Conference in Whistler, B.C. Since taking the helm in mid-November, Mike Z. has been busy overhauling the senior management team, making a small acquisition (Tasman Networks), refinancing debt and, of course, playing a key role in getting all those pesky class-action lawsuits settled soon. The one thing, however, Nortel watchers are still seeking is Mike Z.’s vision on how the company plans to grow sales and profits. Will Nortel focus its operations by getting out of some businesses? Will it reduce R&D or try to seek more JVs like the ones done with LG and Huawei? Do acquisitions play a role in the future? Will PEC Solutions – Bill Owens’ price and joy – be turfed? We may find out this week…or not. Stay tuned! It’s being Webcast so check back for the details.


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