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After three months of hiding, Nortel CEO Mike Z. finally talks publicly today at an RBC conference in Whistler. To be honest, I don’t suspect he’ll say much given Nortel’s Q4 results will be filed within the next six weeks. As well, RBC’s analysts – if yesterday’s performance is any indication – won’t ask any tough or difficult questions such as: would you sell PEC Solutions?, or are you interested in buying Redback Networks?, or is Nortel still serious about the enterprise market? You can list to the Webcast of his appearance at 11:40 a.m. here.


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  1. Fizzz’s blog » Blog Archive » Webcast of RBC Capital Market’s Communication, Media & Technology Conference Says:

    […] Recently, Mark Evans, wrote about the RBC Capital Markets – Communications, Media & Technology Conference. Now this rocks! Check out the list of webcasts; who attended? Cisco (talking about Video/IPTV), Research in Motion, Palm, Shaw, Rogers, Telus and, yes, Nortel’s new CEO Mike Zafirovski. Maybe you’ve been reviewing these companies for your portfolio. Maybe you’re just looking to keep up with technology; you’re wondering what’s this IPTV thing folks talk about. […]

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