More Deck Chair Shuffling?

As the New Nortel continues to evolve, the company is combining its carriers data and enterprise data businesses into a single organization. The unit,  known as converged data networks, will be headed by Aziz Khadbai, a 16-year Nortel veteran. The move "furthers our ability to provide feature-rich converged networks that support critical real-time applications including voice, video and multimedia applications," said Steve Slattery, president of enterprise solutions and packet networks. So what does this organizational shuffle suggest? Does it mean Nortel’s data enterprise business isn’t doing well enough to justify having its own unit? Or does it insuate this is just another move by Nortel to reduce operating costs as CEO Mike Zafirovski attempts to make the company more streamlined and efficient. It’s probably a combination of both but it does illustrate Mike Z. believes there is plenty of low hanging fruit available as he moves to give Nortel a structural make-over.

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2 Responses to “More Deck Chair Shuffling?”

  1. Anon Says:

    Hey Mark – they said they were merging enterprise with carrier a while back. This is not a president level move. It’s a GM for one business unit being moved in to head up another business unit.

    This is the guy who was previously the GM for local premise solutions.

  2. bottomrung Says:

    a new layer has been introduced and new layers will be added as 4 units are now a single business

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