Nortel Needs a New Name?

Maclean’s columnist Steve Maich thinks Nortel needs a new name to “make a dramatic break from the past”. The problem, he said, is Nortel’s current name is associated with an accounting scandal rather than innovation. I’m not sure a name change is the right given it is so hard to re-establish a world-class brand but I do see Maich’s point. But rather than going through an expensive re-brand, Nortel is re-making itself with a new executive team, a new board of directors and a new strategy.


One Response to “Nortel Needs a New Name?”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I agree that a name change is probably not the right thing. The first order of business should be to fix the problems! The company doesn’t appear to have completely got past its ongoing challenges with restatements – that continues to hamper its credibility (no matter what you named the company). In addition, I as well as many others, are eagerly awaiting this exciting new strategy that has (only) been promised.

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