Zafirovski Live (Today!)

Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski is meeting with the media today (sorry, it's next week)   in Las Vegas (sorry, no Webcast for you!) for the first time since his hiring was announced nearly five months ago. So what should he be grilled…er, I mean asked about? Here are few suggestions:

1. What is Nortel's enterprise strategy. Does it intend to go head to head with Cisco or pick its spots? What does Tasman Networks's acquisition indicate about Nortel's approach to the router market? Is Nortel aiming to make the big two (Cisco, Juniper) the big three.

2. Where does PEC – a deal orchestrated by ex-CEO Bill Owens – fit into the scheme of things? Sure, there's a new services strategy but PEC is a one-vertical pony (the U.S. government). How does Nortel plan to leverage PEC?

3. Where do acquisitions play within the 20% market share strategy? What areas are the most ripe for acquisitions within the product portfolio?

4. What are the plans for R&D? At the RBC Capital conference in Whistler in February, Mike Z. talked about unveiling his strategy the following week but it has yet to happen. Is Nortel still planning to spend $1.9-billion a year on R&D.

5. What does NT think about the proposed Alcatel-Lucent merger? Does Mike Z. think this is a sign of things to come? If so, what's Nortel's competitive approach?


One Response to “Zafirovski Live (Today!)”

  1. Me Says:

    Juniper part of an Enterprise Big 2? Do they operate in the enterprise space at all? For that matter, is it more than an enterprise big 1 – how do you compete with 80% market share?

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