Alcatel-Lucent Deal Makes Ottawa Nervous

If you listen carefully, you may be hearing some folks in Ottawa asking "what does the Alcatel-Lucent merger mean for me?". With 2,000 employees, Alcatel is one of the biggest high-tech employers in the nation's capital behind Nortel. Not surprisingly, many people are nervous given AlcaCent's plans to eliminate 8,800 jobs, or 10% of the new combined workforce. Patricia Russo, who will become AlcaCent's CEO, said the process will involve a "fair and balance approach" – whatever that means.

2 Responses to “Alcatel-Lucent Deal Makes Ottawa Nervous”

  1. gurux Says:

    What about Riverstone employes just joined Lucent?
    Riverstone products will compete with Timetra (acquired by Alcatel) in the Carrier Ethernet Market….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Not all of Riverstone. Installed product overlap will be replaced by Timetra. But good one for Alcatel as it gets to kill of a competing product and prevent it from falling into competitor hands, which ensures Timetra to continue its rampage.

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