Zafirovski: “Consolidation is Good”

There was a Mike Zafirovski sighting at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas – actually a keynote – where he provided his take on the Alcatel-Lucent deal, as well some more strategic direction for Nortel. So, Mike Z. sees Alcatel’s purchase of Lucent as positive because "consolidation is good for the industry". According to UBS analyst Nikos Theodosopoulos,  Mike Z. believes "it could drive more practical discussions among other equipment suppliers regarding additional partnerships, joint ventures, or mergers. Zafirovski would like to see Nortel get bigger, not smaller". As for strategy, Mike Z. said Nortel plans to invest in its U.S. enterprise channel, and it will announce two UMTS contract wins soon. He also said Nortel will invest twice as much in IP multi-media subsystems (IMS) and WiMax as it pursues a market leading position in both markets. Theodosopoulos said the key IMS accounts for Nortel are Verizon, Sprint and Softbank. For more details, check out this story from Light Reading.

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