Sadly, Nortel-Aholics Are Still Alive & Well

Business Edge has a bang-on story about the unhealthy obsession that many Canadians have with all things Nortel despite the fact the company has been struggling and its stock has dropped 20% since CEO Mike Zafirovski took over last November. The article laments the fact Canadians pay so much attention to Nortel, they ignore more interesting high-tech stories such as Axia, Aastra and MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associations.


2 Responses to “Sadly, Nortel-Aholics Are Still Alive & Well”

  1. Cannucknuclehead Says:

    Oh by golly, it’s rainin Nortel here, eh.

  2. nortel Says:

    i guess anyone who visits this site – or writes it, for that matter – is a nortel-aholic as well!

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