Come On Down, Frank Dunn

Poor Frank Dunn. He wants to avoid testifying before the Ontario Securities Commission because he's afraid OSC will turn over his information to the SEC. Earlier this week, Justice Colin Campbel rejected Dunn's request to avoid answering questioning about Nortel's accounting problems. We'll see you in court, Frank.


2 Responses to “Come On Down, Frank Dunn”

  1. Randy Charles Morin Says:

    When Frank Clegg ran into problems two years ago, didn’t he sell his house to Frank Dunn? The house at the corner of Lakeshore and Morrison? Sounds like that house has some bad luck attached to it.

  2. Dunn's A Crook Says:

    Dunn should be in jail. The guy singlehandedly wiped out 20B of Nortel market cap through blatant, calculated fraud of the most odious sort. Now, the churlish little guttersnipe has the audacity to refuse to testify to OSC about his rapaciousness. He will be facing criminal charges in the U.S. soon. It will be a pleasure to see him do a “perp walk” in handcuffs.

    I hope when the lawyers are through with him, he has nothing left. They are expensive at $400 per hour, and I also predict he will be in the bankruptcy court when the last of his ill gained lucre is exhausted from settlements, fines, and legal fees. Poetic justice.

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