Does Nortel Need a New Name?

Leo Valiquette, a reporter with the Ottawa Business Journal, thinks Nortel needs to change its name because "Nortel has become synonymous in [Ottawa] with massive job loss, executive arrogance, white elephant real estate and euphoric hype." Who knows, maybe this is something that Nortel's new chief marketing officer, Lauren Flaherty, has on her agenda as CEO Mike Zafirovski works to give Nortel an extensive make-over. It's not such an odd idea given people had little problem when Nortel changed its name from Northern Telecom during the telecom boom a few years ago. Maybe, it can re-brand as NNetworks? Any ideas out there?


5 Responses to “Does Nortel Need a New Name?”

  1. Rob Hyndman Says:


    (with apologies to friends at Nortel, I couldn’t resist the rhyme).

  2. Randy Charles Morin Says:

    Rob, too funny!

  3. nortel Says:

    if they go into bankruptcy protection, we could call it mort-el (who says high school french doesn’t come in handy from time to time?!)

  4. High Way Says:

    I believe the name should stay. We “Canadians” should show the world and set an example. We must rise from the ashes and lead among the best and strive to be the best. Should the name be changed, its like admitting defeat and hiding from our past. We should show the world that past mistakes can make us stronger and better! It should set an example for others.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    go all the way back to Northern Electric Company. Buy out consumer product companies over next 5 years, boom, kill all the products eventually and then start another circle by going to Nortel. With Nortel management, anyting is possible.

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