Nortel Makes Motley Fool List

Motley Fool has a story – "3 Stocks That Missed the Mark" – that includes Nortel following its disappointing first-quarter results. It includes this cutting paragraph:

"The company keeps spending around $50 million per quarter on fixing old accounting problems, and even the CFO doesn't appear too excited about his company's future prospects, pointing to "high-single-digit growth" and calling that "strong revenue momentum." Try that in a Cisco or Juniper earnings report, and there will be nervous laughter and concerned looks all around the room."


One Response to “Nortel Makes Motley Fool List”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    yes, but Motley also says this, which you left out:

    “Zafirovski seems to have his work cut out for him, and some investors are losing confidence in his ability to turn this ship around. However, the man claims to operate along a long-term plan, and I can certainly appreciate management that dares to plan for the long haul at the expense of short-term results. Give Nortel another few quarters to right the badly battered ship that the current management inherited, and only then give the company another look, I’d say.”

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