The CEO Challenge

So what does Nortel CEO MikeZafirovski do when he’s not working to save the company? If he still has the time, Mike Z. could be competing in the Ironman CEO Challenge, a company created by Ted Kennedy to provide CEOs with the ultimate racing experience. According to MSNBC, Kennedy’s firm offers CEOs VIP treatment: first-class accommodations, entry to sold-out races, uniforms, VIP passes to special events, and a welcome dinner also attended by pro athletes or well-known coaches. Not sure if Mike Z. still has time for Ironman races given Nortel’s challenges but it’s encouraging to see there is life for CEOs beyond business trips and expensive, rich dinners.


3 Responses to “The CEO Challenge”

  1. anonymous Says:

    your link is bad … should probably be

  2. Duncan Says:

    The Ironman that Mike Z ran in 2002 WAS the CEO challenge.

  3. Ted Kennedy Says:

    We would love to have Mike back to do another CEO Ironman Challenge! He competed in Ironman USA Lake Placid in 2002 the same week he was promoted to President worldwide of Motorola. It was a fantastic pleasure to meet Mike, and see the looks of amazement on his son’s faces as he crossed the finish line.
    Considering the limited training time available to him, he finished very well.
    Plus, I’m Canadian, and now that he’s running a Canadian company, it would mean even more to us to see him compete once again.
    Ted Kennedy, CEO Challenge LLC

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