Nortel-Motorola: A No-Go?

Chicago Business has a story looking at Motorola CEO Ed Zander’s strategic options, which include everything from making an acquisition to expanding the company’s hot cell phone business (Razr, Rokr, etc.). With nearly $15-billion of cash, Zander is not hamstrung financially but his track record suggests he’s not a big fan of mega-deals. Chicago Business opines that Nortel seems an unlikely target for Motorola because it is still recovery from an accounting scandal and its CEO is Mike Zafirovski who missed out on becoming Motorola’s CEO to Zander.

“Still, Nortel’s name keeps coming up because, unlike Motorola, it has a strong portfolio of third-generation (3G) wireless equipment — the technology most in demand by U.S. wireless operators.” – Chicago Magazine.


One Response to “Nortel-Motorola: A No-Go?”

  1. texpat Says:

    It’d be a good fit. They’re now on the same page wrt Six Smegma. And you thought ISO9000 was just so much claptrap? Bzzt.

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