Looking for Meme Love

Not that it really matters (but, of course, it does!), I’m puzzled why I can’t get any love from TechMeme today about the Microsoft-Nortel deal. It’s not there are that many blogs focused on Nortel (well, one to be exact) so All Nortel, All the Time’s absense is a mystery. Update: Who says a little complaining doesn’t work? I got a tiny bit of TechMeme love yesterday. Maybe All Nortel, All the Time has made the approved list…:)

One Response to “Looking for Meme Love”

  1. Michael Specht Says:

    My understanding of TechMeme is that is has some advance filters and logic about what it includes and what it does not. Unlike Technorati which just lists everything TechMeme is very particular. However I agree for this topic your blog should be appearing on TechMeme.

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