Lowe Taken to Task over Wi-Fi

WiFi News Net (hat tip to Rob Hyndman) takes Richard Lowe, Nortel’s president of president of Mobility and converged core networks, over an editorial he wrote about Wi-Fi vs. 3G on CNet.com. It’s a strange piece because Lowe starts by rejecting the idea Google will “first and best in delivering the next generation of communications–video, games, entertainment and other highly sought-after content”, before going on to compare the pros and cons of 3G and Wi-Fi. Not surprisingly, 3G is a superior technology. That’s all fine and good but there a few statements that are puzzling. For example, Lowe asserts that unlike Wi-Fi, 3G offers the user “no limit to whom or where you can call, e-mail or otherwise communicate with in the cellular world.” You’ll probably get an argument from people using Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet to e-mail and make phone calls using VoIP. Anyway, it’s an interesting read. Clickety Clack has some thoughts on Lowe’s piece.


2 Responses to “Lowe Taken to Task over Wi-Fi”

  1. UMTS Says:

    It seems this analysis over 3G advantages compared to WiFi is not shared at Nortel higher levels of management… Because 3G/UMTS has been annonced sold this last friday 21/07/2006 in directors staff meetings.

    Don’t know who’s the buyer indeed? Alcatel name is cited by rumors? Wait and see… but, remembering 1900 jobs cutoff announce, that may be bad news: This matches this structure size…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Cannot understand the timing of such an article except that it has something to do with the MSFT annoucnement to beat down on Google. The article is a bit bizarre as there is no substantiation why Google will fail i.e. there is nothing to support such a hypothesis.

    Yes, 3G is superior but Fixed and Mobile WiMAx offers some of the same benefits that WiFi does not. I am very surprised there is no mention about other wireless technologies.

    Looks like a rush job to beat down on a company that is a revolution and a threat.

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