Nortel Outsources More Operations

As Nortel pursues its aggressive cost-cutting program, it has selected Johnson Controls to provide facilities management, energy program management, project management, lease administration, and real estate property tax and landlord operating cost audit services for 30 sites in Canada, 90 sites in the U.S. and 20 sites across nine countries in Latin America. The five-year deal, which is worth $250-million, expands another existing relationship in Canada where Johnson’s joint venture, BLJC, has done business with Nortel since 1998.


2 Responses to “Nortel Outsources More Operations”

  1. XNortel Says:

    Obviously Nortel has problems with management and it is wise for them to look for others to manage parts of the business. Nortel’s problems trace back to poor leadership, period! It’s more about relationships and not what’s right for the business. This has been the case since I’ve worked for them at all levels over 15 years. Oh, don’t point to the problems, there is retribution.

  2. Razor Says:

    Affirmative! By all means, do not point out an issue, even it is jeopardizes your project. Stay quiet, just make sure it is not your problem and take care you’re not around, if the shit hits the fan.
    This is the way, this is Nortel!
    People not following this paradigm are nowhere short-listed for any management position. And it is applied within all hierarchy levels.
    Surprised about an absolutely incapable management, if this situation gets a bit more complicated like these days? I don’t think so!
    These insider relationchips are one of the reasons on why the finance scandal in this dimension became possible at all!
    Mr Zercules startet with the boards of executives and one can only hope that cleaning Augean Stables does not stop there…

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