Nortel’s IP-TV Offering Now Features Programming

Nortel hopes to grab a foothold in the emerging IP-TV market through a partnership with Broadstream Communications. Rather than just being able to offer IP-TV technology to service providers, Nortel can also offer them pre-packaged television programming through Broadstream to sell a complete solution. “As rural telcos look to offer their customers new IP-TV services, a significant hurdle they face is access to a complete media and entertainment content bundle that can effectively compete with today’s existing cable and satellite services,” Walt Megura, general manager with Nortel’s broadband networks solutions told Asia Wireless Insight. “By teaming up with Broadstream to leverage their expertise in managed content services, Nortel can offer rural telcos a turnkey IPTV solution that helps enable more rapid and cost-effective introduction of these new revenue-generating services.” 


One Response to “Nortel’s IP-TV Offering Now Features Programming”

  1. J R Mortland III (Bob) Says:

    Thats scary to see how fast companies jump to make more cash

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