Nortel Hires New China Chief

Nortel has appointed Jackson Wu as the new president for China. Wu was previously previously head of a former Nortel joint venture, Tong Guang-Nortel in Shenzhen. Before joining Nortel in 1993, Wu was president of Datacraft Ltd. in Taiwan. It looks as though he is replacing Robert Mao, who had been head of Nortel’s Chinese unit since 1997.


6 Responses to “Nortel Hires New China Chief”

  1. Michael Specht Says:

    A quick clarification Jackson has over 13 yrs with Nortel mainly within the China region. Maybe the title should read “Nortel Appoints New China Chief”?

  2. nortel Says:

    yes, good point.

  3. Mehung Says:

    Jackson Wu was responsible for the Taiwan business and guess what, Nortel lost the upgrade of the “monopoly” Chung Wah Telecom 3G upgrade to Ericsson (or Nokia) while being the incumbent supplier of the 2G GSM network.

  4. Jack Says:

    Performance well rewarded as usual at Nortel.

  5. Ziggy Says:

    Clarification, Jackson lost all 3G bids in Taiwan, all 4, during about the same 3 week period in 2001 I think it was. Not to be dismayed, Jackson reports to Mike Pangia, living in Sydney and running APAC; obviously the right place to run Asia from. On Pangia’s stay in APAC, Nortel lost their 3 biggest accounts, Telstra in Australia, PTML in Pakistan, and walked form BSNL in India; of course, getting promoted immediately thereafter.

  6. treehouse Says:

    he decided to take the higher paying Aussie job it was left vacant for some time so his previous job was eliminated

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