Computer Woes in San Jose

A year ago, Nortel made a big deal about winning a $5.6-million contract to provide the city of San Jose with a public-access computer system (crowing about how it won the deal in Cisco’s backyard). Well, it turns out the system hasn’t been working that well, although the city has not been able to figure out the problem. Apparently, it may have to do with network and fire-walls problems associated with equipment supplied by Nortel. According to the San Jose Mercury, a big issue is the city’s voice-recognition system. The newspaper did eight tests recently using different phones and voices but the system failed each time. San Jose, however, is sticking with Nortel, having signed a new $1.1-million operations and maintenance contract.

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2 Responses to “Computer Woes in San Jose”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    customer needs training on the equipment

  2. Ross Says:

    Sorry, but that is lame … Good design minimizes the amount of user training required. Besides, if training is required, that is Nortel’s responsibility to ensure that it is done so that their customers are maximizing the value of the equipment that they have purchased.

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