Algerian Railway Embraces Wireless

Now, this is kind of interesting. An Algerian railway, Societe Nationale des Transports Ferroviaires, has selected Nortel for the first phase of its GSM-R project to provide a new wireless system that will enhance emergency procedures, improve operational efficiency, increase safety and reduce the cost of the railway’s operations. Nortel claims SNTF is the first African railway operator to adopt the new global GSM-R standard. According to the press release, Nortel will provide design and engineering services for SNTF’s GSM-R network while SNEF Algeria will supply construction, installation and commissioning support. While the SNTF deal is not large, it is part of a string of positive press releases issued by Nortel recently. It’s not a bad strategy to talk the happy talk as part of an overall plan to restructure Nortel’s operations and reputation. Now let’s see if all these positive press release can be turned into positive financial results.

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4 Responses to “Algerian Railway Embraces Wireless”

  1. Curious Says:

    I love the way they hype, one of the largest, one of the fastest, part of something really really big, when really it is forever peanuts.

    They even announced a tribe in a Mall and made the biggest fuss over the Chapleau order in a small Ontario town. heck they even met the townsfolk at the local Legion.

    If the railway order is not large, good grief, look at all the rest:

    PARIS, Aug. 21 – Bouygues Telecom has selected Nortel as one of its suppliers (live TV, high definition video on demand, MP3 streaming and multi-user mobile gaming when it goes live in early 2007) 5-year contract stipulates that Nortel is responsible for rolling out the network in 4 out of 6 of regions in France…

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 Government Solutions* will continue development and operational support of a sophisticated records system for the Fairfax County, Va. Circuit Court under a five-year agreement valued at US$1.6 million.

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 Nortel* Government Solutions* will provide a range of management support services to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as part of the largest technology contract in the agency’s history.
    …one of 25 companies to receive EAGLE awards, will provide management support services to DHS.

    MCALISTERVILLE, Pa., Aug. 22 – Embarq (NYSE: EQ) announced today the migration of the company’s one millionth customer from a circuit network to a packet network. This technological evolution facilitates Embarq’s development and delivery of innovative common sense products and services.

    SAO PAULO, Aug. 24 – DEDIC, a Portugal Telecom company and one of the five largest contact center companies in Brazil, is creating a state of the art contact center to support its business expansion …The new network, being deployed by Nortel channel partner Wittel, DEDIC is investing US$2 million on the first project phase.

    Big business deals are dead for Nortel, piddly hype is fashionable. No product for BT, cutting product, product is average/gl;iobally unompetitive CEO says, buggy says San Jose and Neptune…

    I do not see any substantial business coming from them even paying customers to take their product like BSNL who uses others now. That was their last large order, they lost hundreds of millions on that deal. Testra was a no go… BT used others but them, I do not even hear about any waves being made with Verizon that rallied the stock way back either…

    Traditional hype is the Nortel way, promising roses to sell shares to only hands us a bloodied hanky every time=)

    None of these orders are worth mensioning yet they insist to keep their name in the news… funny they never initially announced the BSNL deal in light of this fearing false and misleading press release lawsuits…

    How much difference will the profit on a few million dollar order here and there make I question. Not much I assume. I mean, it is hardly worth the traditional hoopla the market has desensitized to by now… the interest on the paper they recently printed is 200M a year alone and operations are already losing 180M a year, cash is declining, 2B in assets gone… how much difference do these orders make… they make more selling paper and tanking shares than product… I don’t buy what they feed us, with gurantees to boot… things alweays change there/

  2. Why Jamezzz Why?? Says:

    Did you even notice the direct customer quote in the Algerian Railway announcement?

    Heaven forbid that Nortel be involved in a communications solution that is directly involved with the safety of the Railway’s employees and customers. If you dial 911 in Canada, chances are your life urgent call is being handled by Nortel. Such a tragedy! How could you ever live with yourself!

    Maybe you guys can figure out a way to write a bashing article on Nortel’s participation in networks that support public safety.

    Good Grief!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ah yes yes- you see we have reports that this jamezzz fellow had taken a heck of a wallop after using his granpa’s hard earned money and took that to gamble on options? of all things, why only this derelict cold understand,however it has become unfortunate in certain circumstances, as many had been caught in the downdraft of the apparent accounting errors associated with former management.

    Since Mr.Zafirovski has begun implementing the long needed changes within the entire organization, we in the design department alone have noticed a reduction in lag of product integration, however it is quite evident that these changes for the better have bumped up morale and will result in quicker time to market for the end user.

    Nortel will be a force to reckon with within the next 12-18 months, especially considering that competitors will be slow to adjust with industry consolidation.

  4. Chuga-Chuga Choo Choo « All Nortel, All the Time Says:

    […] Maybe Nortel should carve out a competitive niche by focusing its efforts on serving the railway industry. Last month, it signed a deal with an Algerian Railway involving GSM-R technology; and today it unveiled a GSM-R contract with India’s Indian Railway to improve safety and efficiency in Uttar Pradesh – site of one of the most important and business rail arteries. The wireless network will provide service along a 751-km, 90-station line connecting the major Uttar Pradesh industrial and business centers of Ghaziabad and Mugalsarai. It will be used to connect train conductors, on-board crew, train dispatchers, station personnel and other operations groups, such as those responsible for attaching and separating rail cars at station yards. Perhaps the focus on railways is part of Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski’s master plan. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, Nortel has perhaps suddenly realized there is a more lucrative future by focusing on a few things…such as railways. Of course, the railway market isn’t big enough to support even a slimmed down Nortel but it makes for a nice slogan: “Nortel: The World’s Railway Telecom Supplier”. […]

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