Consolidation in China

The consolidation of the global telecom equipment market is even happening in China where Huawei plans to acquire Beijing-based Harbour Networks. Harbour, which specializes in data communications, was started in 2000 by former Huawei employees. According to emsnow, Huawei has a full plate this year as its expands domestically and internationally. The company is beginning to strike partnerships with global equipment suppliers such as Siemens, although a broadband joint venture with Nortel fell apart earlier this year.


One Response to “Consolidation in China”

  1. Speculator Says:

    The Huawei partnership is just another of endless ongoing disappointments and contradictions. Putian was hyped too only to go with Nokia instead.

    These aspirations in China were proven as reliable getting their foot in the door with India’s BSNL.

    Nortel is announcement happy, only to vaporize any hope at later dates. They lack credibility.

    Cutting products after depleting assets as others merge gives the impression they are on their way out.

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