Nortel Looks to Expand in India

As part of Nortel’s cost efficiency drive, it is looking to source more R&D from places such as China and India. Nortel is already using more than 1,000 employees of India’s Wipro, which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary working with Nortel on R&D. Wipro now provides Nortel with design, system integration, consulting, software release management and support for the company’s carrier and enterprise product lines. Source: Hindu Times.



One Response to “Nortel Looks to Expand in India”

  1. Observer Says:

    Last order in India lost hundreds of millions. They initially failed to initially announce this order for good reason, “false and misleading” press release.

    They claimed this lost leader was to get their foot in the door when really they just shot themselves in the foot. No stranger to voplating contractual obligations, I heard nothing further on increasing 50% it under the same terms.

    This BSNL order was admittedly based on getting jobs there according to BSNL, so low price alone was not the sole factor. Their supplier network and delays disappointed BSNL, who now asks the bidding company be profitable.

    Also note that Nortel set the specs against lower priced competitors for this money losing BSNL requiring 10 year’s internation experience. Ironically on they contradicted partnering with Huawei who they set the specs against.

    So Forget India.

    Since the Putian contradictions went with Noika and they are restricted to field trials, forget Asia too.

    With Alcatel, forget Europe. And with Cisco and Lucent gaining traction, forget North America.

    Forget their numbers or that they became one of the worlds largest frauds with so many still there, forget their bonuses they still keep for a year forever revised/restated worse, forget Neptune, Huawei partnerships, LG, IBM, Telstra, British Telecom, Verizon, etc… it is endless

    …. in short, forget Nortel.

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