Nortel Teams up with Telus

Nortel has signed a deal with Telus develop multimedia infrastructure — including IP-TV, which Telus has already rolled out in Calgary and Edmonton. “Telus is working closely with Nortel to create a unique communications and entertainment experience for our customers that we call the Future Friendly Home,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, Telus’ chief technology officer.  In a press release, Telus said the IP-TV deployment is the latest investment in an ongoing and significant program that has seen the company invest more than C$1 billion in wireline broadband infrastructure since launching its high speed internet service in 1997.


2 Responses to “Nortel Teams up with Telus”

  1. Tell-Us Says:

    This reminds me of their announcements trying to align themselves with companies that sell shares successfully (like Symantec, IBM, RIM, Microsoft, etc.,) companies with consumer products if I might add.

    I love the timing of this IP – TV announcement with Telus as Telus makes headlines in other matters sending its stock “soaring”:

    “By Scott Haggett CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) – Telus Corp. has approved a plan to convert Canada’s second-biggest phone company into the country’s largest income trust, sending its shares soaring…”

  2. Godzilla Says:

    ibrahim is an ex norterler too

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