Nortel Recognized by Hall of Fame

Did you know Canada has a Telecom Hall of Fame? Did you know they have special recognition awards? Well, Nortel is getting an award for “its role in pioneering digital communications” – an initiative that was launched in 1976 under the “Digital World” program. Of course, Nortel’s real push from analog to digital happened under the reign of ex-CEO John Roth, who walked away from Nortel in 2001 with a cash booty of more than $135-million (mostly due to stock options).


5 Responses to “Nortel Recognized by Hall of Fame”

  1. It wasn't Roth Says:

    The real push to the Digital World happened as a direct result of US Divestature which happened around 1982. With the breakup of AT&T, the Baby Bells needed to own their infrastructures and embraced digital technology.

    During that period a gentleman by the name of David G. Vice was President and Chief Operating Officer as well as Vice Chairman of Products & Technology. In 1982 Edmund G. Fitzgerald became President. John Roth didn’t become President and CEO until 1997.

    Executive history at Nortel is available on their website at

  2. nortel Says:

    fair comment. to be clear, roth grabbed the digital bull by the horns and road it extremely hard during the telecom boom.

  3. Observer Says:

    John Roth was also well rewarded for this btw, realizing just over $100 million in the year 2000 alone.

    Handing out awards for past acheivements now, in this new climate, is humorous. Things have so changed.

    Even the current CEO admits “”The days of irrational exuberance for tech spending are gone”. Why don’t they appaud Alexander Bell’s acheivements in being the first to patent while they are at it. What are they doing rewarding the past now?

    At the new Nortel, contradictions are the norm than the exception. Endless contradictions and ongoing blunders. CEO claimed “old boys school mentality gone” when he did not honour written contracts on no less than 8 seperate occassions for an employer who pased him by, even after their appointed ethics officer. What mentality remains with a green board or one who downplays revisions that almost double. Why was Nortel reluctant to chase past officers even after repeated requests resulting in a derivative class action.

    Ath the new Nortel even Owens admitted many were “difficult to find” and hope this had nothing to do with CEO’s downplaying further penalty or seeing how far up chain of command this went stating “work was already done due to recent revisions, even though these revisions were new.

    Never mind the past, before endless delays in silence where even almost a thousand accountants could not get it right, they won awards for disclosure and transparency too. Accounting is wrong for years, still no guarantees, worst every time they count, and delayed repairing to when they need it in 2008 with expensive SAP’s software.

    This new Nortel is seeing things only get worse. What disclosure , what Huawei, what Neptune, what Putian, they are a walking contradiction from delays to settlement amounts they tanked with these revisions.

    Too much remains suspect for this shrinking and money losing company with dire outlook as others merge and eat their pie.

    CEO says past “old boy’s school mentality” is gone, what green mentality replaces this, better?. As they award on past acheivemnts and endlessly announce fluff or false optimism, bravo, progress. heh… They initially won number 4 spot on worlds largest frauds payouts, 5th now thanks to their tanking the stock, progress indeed… never mind past awards, they are funny to even consider in light of this new Nortel.

  4. Observer's babysitter Says:

    you’ll have to excuse observer,he lost his grandpa’s inheritance by foolishly gambling on Nortel options!LOL

    anybody got any sugar for the bitter taste that remains in observer’s mouth?LOL

  5. Observer Says:

    Silly ID and laughing at ones misfortune would also be in poor taste to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with even if it were true.

    Typical Nortel pumper or employee contributing zero to the topic but insults and fraud. Aside from antagonizing or stalking anyone who burst their vested interest, they post false information and utter nonsense.

    They’re from the Yahoo site with a vested interest and stalk critics while posting false information which should be a prime candidate for SEC / OSC investigation.

    Just do a seatch on posts by “mindgallery” or “abcsofhealth” to see the multiple IDs in action, then research critics posts. Too bad they invested poluting this blog too, I suspect this one is “mindgallery”.

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