Optical Rebound?

After being pushed aside since the end of the telecom boom, fiber-optic network equipment is staging a comeback. So says Nortel CTO John Roese who said demand is increasing as the amount of Internet traffic steadily increases. “That Internet bubble that happened in 2000, where we over-built the optical domain, and everybody said we’d never catch up — we are,” he told Reuters today. “I’ve talked to CTOs and CEOs of large carriers over the last two months and … a couple have said ‘We’re not sure why, but our pipes are filling up’.” Roese said Nortel is spending heavily on R&D to make sure it has the next-generation optical equipment for the Internet.


2 Responses to “Optical Rebound?”

  1. Jason Drohn Says:

    This is a fantastic observation! I wonder if the bandwidth problems have anything to do with Youtube?!

  2. nortel Says:

    it’s probably a factor along with trends such as IP-TV and the growth of broadband penetration around the world.

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