Zafirovski Making the Rounds

After keeping a very low profile for many months, Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski has started a pull-court press to court Canadian investors. After speaking at the Canadian Club earlier this week in Toronto (a 30-minute presentation bereft of anything newsworthy other than calling the federal government the most “e-centric” in the world), Mike Z. is making to a sold-out breakfast presentation this morning in Ottawa on “Canadian Innovation/Canadian Leadership”. While there may be people critical of Zafirovski and Nortel for not moving faster strategically, he does provide the company with a much-needed stable influence – unlike his predecessor, Frank Dunn and Bill Owens, who never appeared to be comfortable in their own skins as CEO. Mind you, good presentation skills and an aura of confidence will only get you so far and Nortel’s overhaul has a long way to go but the company needs to walk before it can run so it can only be a good thing to have someone who can give it some much-needed credibility within the telecom community. Update: Here’s an Ottawa Business Journal story on Zafirovski’s speech this morning in Ottawa.


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