Another Day, Another Railway Deal

What’s with Nortel and railways contracts? It’s like the company is intent on cornering the market. Today, Nortel said TP Ferro – a Spanish and French consortium – will use Nortel’s GSM-R technology to build a communications networks for a new 44-kilometer high-speed line between Spain and France. This communications system will also include an eight-kilometer tunnel under the Pyrenees. Nortel’s other recent railways deals include GSM-R contracts in Africa and India.


2 Responses to “Another Day, Another Railway Deal”

  1. Observer Says:

    I think they are trying to corner the “malls” market too… =)


    “Takamatsu Shopping Mall Trials Nortel Wireless Technology for Smart Card Use

    Wireless Mesh Provides Cost Effective Solution at Japan’s Longest Covered Shopping Arcade

    OCTOBER 01, 2006 -TOKYO – Takamatsu City Shopping Arcade, the longest covered shopping mall in Japan, is trialing Nortel wireless broadband technology to provide mobile Internet access, VoIP and smart card transactions for businesses and customers…


    ” Tulalip Tribe Deploys Nortel Converged Network to Power Tribal Expansion

    Network Infrastructure Provides IP Multimedia Capabilities

    AUGUST 22, 2005 SEATTLE -The Tulalip Tribe has deployed a converged network solution from Nortel* [NYSE/TSX: NT] to provide a strategic communications foundation supporting the tribe’s current and future development efforts for its mid-Puget Sound area community.

    Working in conjunction with Tulalip Data Services (TDS), Nortel has provided data, voice and multimedia solutions for businesses in the tribe’s new Seattle Premium Outlet Mall. These new capabilities have formed a foundation for extending leading-edge, high-bandwidth networking capabilities to local government, businesses and residents of the Tulalip community… ”


    What’s next? Apartment buildings in Australia or Chapleau orders where their Beer Hall Legions serve as think tanks =) Wasn’t the last decent sized order BSNL, years ago?

  2. Luke Says:

    Observer, I need to know who pays you for this job, I can do even worse than this against other companies if the salary is high enough.

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