Can Nortel Get Some BT 21CN Love?

According to Orion Securities analyst Duncann Stewart, British Telecom (BT) is reloading on its core network technology plans. Stewart points to comments made at a recent conference by Tim Hubbard, who heads up strategy for BT’s $19-billion next-generation network initiative. Hubbard the carrier is changing its core network technology plans and will to use provider backbone transport (PBT) to carry traffic between access and metro nodes. Stewart said this could be good news for Nortel because the Canadian telecom equipment supplier has been working on PBT technology and, more important, talking to BT about it. Nortel was a long-time BT supplier but it was shut out of BT’s 21st Century Network plans due to a lack of confidence in Nortel’s technology. Maybe, PBT is a way for Nortel to get its foot back in the door.


9 Responses to “Can Nortel Get Some BT 21CN Love?”

  1. Observer Says:

    Albeit perhaps one of the few if not only areas growing for Nortel (optics/backbones), it accounts for a very small percentage of NT’s business.

    Hence, no big deal as it is peanuts relative to Nortel’s increasing business nightmares.

    As for the bulk of British Telecom’s $19 Billion tender, they announced using everyone and anyone EXCEPT Nortel if we recall.

    After this, Nortel went on to announce cutting product as well as scrapping Neptune yet maitained it’s least efficient R&D budget they boasted cutting for so long.

    The last large order that Nortel got that I can recall was BSNL, initially unnanounced, years ago, and that lost big money. Today they announced providing SMB products at the greatest global discount to India. Again, for the same reason, to get their foot in ther door when they really shot themselves in the foot with BSNL.

    “Nortel Says Prices Network Below $500 In India

    09:17 EDT Thursday, October 05, 2006 NEW DELHI -(Dow Jones)- Canada’s Nortel Networks Corp. (NT) said Thursday it has priced its technology network equipment for small- and medium-sized businesses below $500 in India, its lowest-ever price globally, aiming to capture the country’s potentially large market.

    “SMBs (small- and medium-sized businesses) starting base for Nortel is going to be India,” E.R. Ashok Kumar, director-SMB, Nortel India Ltd., said at a news conference.

    Nortel sells its network equipment in more than 100 countries, he said.

    There are 7.6 million SMBs in India, which are defined as businesses with fewer than 250 people using a single network, said Kumar.

    Nortel India executives declined to disclose the sales potential of the company’s SMB business following the introduction of the low-priced product. ”

    If they get anything at any time, you can bet they will hype it to the moon (unless they fear false and misleading press release) to keep their name in the news and sell shares. They hype up a storm any time they can. Like their railway orders, tribes in mall networking, Chapleau think tanks, etc., one of the the largest/tallest/biggest/fastest this or that, as the company just tanks and others brace, merge, and grow. Just look at Huawei who was even included in BT’s tender, another company they never partnered with any more than thsy did with Putian…

    Backbone implementations won’t save it any more than their WiMax or IP/TV aspirations years from now buying time.

  2. rock samborsky Says:

    To all; the above commentator, “observer” is none other than Jamezzz4, a notorious loon who has spent most of the last 3 years or so posting insane anti-Notel rants on the yahoo Nortel message board. Close to 20,000 posts, I estimate.

    To say he has no credibility would be an understatement.

  3. Not Observer Says:

    – As for the bulk of British Telecom’s $19 Billion tender, they announced using everyone and anyone EXCEPT Nortel if we recall.-

    This is a completely false statement. According to lightreading only 34% of the $18.7 Billion USD has been contracted to the original suppliers. The Ethernet business is for up to 5,500 exchanges and would represent one of the world’s largest Ethernet networks.

    At least Nortel is taking a serious run at this business and with technology that BT endorses.

  4. Observer Says:

    Nortel pumpers with a vested interest mislead the truth with zero ubstantiation.

    “BT used everyone except Nortel”:Cisco, Lucent, Siemens, Huawei, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Ciena and Alcatel. Everyone knows this.

    here, there were plenty of press releases to this effect:

    BT: $19B; Nortel & Marconi $0
    by Mark Evans on Thu 28 Apr 2005 08:28 PM EDT

    BT Group – formerly known as British Telecom – unveiled its eight preferred suppliers for a five-year, US$19-billion contract today for a new high-speed Internet network. It was good news for Cisco, Lucent, Siemens, Huawei, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Ciena and Alcatel. It was bad news, however, for Nortel…

  5. rock samborsky Says:

    Observer Dolt, didn’t you read the above blog entry? Can’t you get it through your thick dolt skull that the latest BT news is newer than the old news that swirls around in your numbskull like a broken record?? ie. things have changed? Hello?

  6. Not Observer Says:

    I believe customer quotes more than I believe blog opinion from Mr. Evans, especially when the customer quotes are 15 months newer than the blog entry.
    Date: May 8, 2006

    Customer quote #1

    BT says it is spending about £3.4 billion ($6.3 billion) of its £10 billion ($18.7 billion) 21CN budget on the initial contracts with its eight “preferred suppliers,” but it is not giving any guidance about the planned capital expenditure to be used on Ethernet gear.

    Customer quote #2

    Matt Beal, the 21CN program director, told the audience at Light Reading’s Ethernet Expo: Europe 2006 that “Ethernet is across the entirety of 21CN, with reach through more than 5,500 exchanges, and Ethernet over optical. Ethernet is seen as the racehorse in the network now that it has reach and capacity capabilities not previously thought possible.”

  7. Observer Says:

    What does this have to do with the weather.

    The bulk of BT’s multibillion dollar project went to others, and that is all there is to it. This is the issue here. Nortel got peanuts, hardly worth mensioning.

    Do you even read your own links?

    “Specialist Ethernet vendors, though, may already be resigned to playing a secondary role, at best, in the equipment supply process. One firm told Light Reading that BT’s procurement policies mean the major infrastructure vendors will almost certainly be handed the contracts, and that any specialist Ethernet firms will then have to collaborate with those major suppliers.

    “And it’s likely that the Ethernet sector’s vendors will be falling over themselves to get involved. While BT is playing hardball with its suppliers in terms of pricing,”

    2010? “It’s also not known when BT will select and name its Ethernet suppliers, or when shipping and deployment will begin. The carrier plans to switch off its current multiple networks and run all its services on the 21CN in 2010, but there are already signs that such an aggressive timetable might be subject to change.

    Again, Nortel will get less than peanuts, even if they are around by 2010, and hardly worth a mension here.

    Get over it, these are the guys who got in on the bulk of BT. Ciena, Huawei,Lucent, Siemens, Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu. THEY USED EVERYONE BUT NORTEL!

    Like their Putian contradiction that went with Noika, where NT is restricted to field trials, Nortel isn’t even the water boy here. Nortel admitted it had no products for BT and went on to announce cutting product as well as scrapping the long awaited Neptune right after.

    You Nortel pumpers are entertaining with facts. What is your vested interest to mislead commonly known/published facts. Are you that under water with this laughing stock having made on of the world’s largest frauds like Enron/Wordlcom or are you employees?

  8. rock samborsky Says:

    Observer dolt, what is your “vested interest” in blathering nonsense and lies about a company you detest, 24 hours a day? You are clearly insane and should admit yourself without delay to the nearest mental hospital. Talk about a “laughing stock”- that would be you. How ironic of you to bring it up.

  9. Luke Says:

    Observer, where do you take the time to talk so much? Is this the job you’re paid for?

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