RBC Still Looking for Answers

GigaOm weighs into the Nortel fray with a post about an RBC Capital Markets’ report on the progress of Nortel’s turnaround. GigaOm and RBC both seem unimpressed with what’s happened so far. Here’s a snappy line from the GigaOm post: “The report doesn’t blatanty say Nortel sucks, but it is so conservative that it’s the equivalent of saying, “Well, Nortel probably won’t get any worse”. Ouch!


3 Responses to “RBC Still Looking for Answers”

  1. Observer Says:

    TORONTO – Nortel Networks* Corporation [NYSE/TSX: NT] announced that it will be providing the market with a new wireless solution to better enable shareholders determine future stock values called Telesphere(TM).

    Telesphere no longer requires the use of traditional sophisticated and time consuming analysis to save the industry enormious time and energy.

    Telesphere technology is uses a 4 inch glass sphere on a top of a 12X12″ silk pillow that will be distributed by global channel partners.

    Telesphere technology certification involves eyes closed training before a mirror while deeply contemplating on the concept of the zero then suddenly open eyes and repeated this process until confident to save time and money through this breakthrough technology.

    This is the first in a number of trials to better facilitate corporate awareness among investors.


  2. What a goofball Says:

    This is hilarious!!! Creating a false press release to push your agenda of hatred and revenge. We all understand that you want to see Nortel destroyed. Maybe you can submit this false press release to various news organizations. LMAO!!

  3. Luke Says:

    i’d say more pathetic than hilarious….

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