Nortel Executives Look to Long-Term

The Ottawa Citizen has a story looking at the approach that Nortel’s senior management team is taking towards the company’s turnaround. The article features how chief technology officer John Roese was recruited and why he decided to join Nortel after less than a year at his last job.


2 Responses to “Nortel Executives Look to Long-Term”

  1. kramer kramer Says:

    Mike Z is a lover of Yes-Men (Yes-People). This is well known, particularly if the Citizen reporter did a bit of Googling on the web and picked up stories like the Chicago Sun-Times article on one of his lieutenants at Motorola. Do you think a Yes-Person is going to say something to a reporter like “…he hires toadies and sycophants…”? I love the line “first who, then what”. My question is: we have a year of who behind us, but we still don’t know what the company is trying to do? It is also interesting to note who appointed Roth, Dunn, Owens, Daichendt, Beatty, approved all the accounting, and got Nortel into the current position – the Board. Who is dealing with them?

  2. UMTS Says:

    I have another idea of why there is so much executives turnaround at nortel’s head.

    These guys like money… and maybe one have been impressed by Frank Dunn house and came at the head, found there was still a lot of money to get for himself, maybe to much, and said to his friends:”Hey guys, come here, there is still to eat on the beast…”.

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