Buenos Dias, Mexico

In yet another component of Nortel’s cost-cutting program, it unveiled the details of a new call centre being established in Mexico City. The $38-million facility (over five years) will employ 300 people, who will focus on providing services to companies in North America, Europe, Caribbean and Latin America. For more Nortel, check out the Ottawa Business Journal’s interview with chief strategy officer George Riedel.

3 Responses to “Buenos Dias, Mexico”

  1. Observer Says:

    They havn’t had much luck gambling these last few years.

    Last services company they paid $448M for a declining $15M returns

    $38 Million over 5 years is $7.6million a year. Without facility costs, $7.6 divided by 300 employees is $25,333 a year.

    What if there are no substantial returns here either.

    Seems they announce anything they can to keep their name in the news trying to sell tanking shares that they admittedly pay themselves with.

    Does anything really ever change over there for the better with their proverbial crying wolf?

  2. hmproud Says:

    The release seems to indicate the facility will cost 38M..not the employee salaries.

  3. Luke Says:

    Jamezzz, seems you complain just to keep your name in the blog.
    Why don’t you try something constructive? it would make you seem more intelligent 🙂

    Be sure your hate wont touch Nortel at all. So why?

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