And the Winner Is….


Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski has been named a finalist in Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards in the public companies leadership category. The competition includces NeuStar CTO Mark Soster, JDS Uniphase CEO Kevin Kennedy, Ericsson CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg, Verizon CTO Mark Wegleitner and Cisco Senior VP Mike Volpi. The winners will be announced November 15 at Heavy Reading’s Links 2006 Executive Summit Gala Dinner in Santa Barbara, Ca. The Leading Lights Awards recognize “leading companies and their executives for their outstanding achievements in the telecom industry”.


7 Responses to “And the Winner Is….”

  1. Observer Says:

    “Light/Heavy Reading” should restrict their commentary to technical issues.

    On what basis are they evaluating management performance? Profit? Are they serious?

    How has the company’s traditionally traded at a premium stock faired since this CEO’s arrival. What is their outlook as peers merge. Do they see profit by exhausting assets, cut product, sell business, lose margins, marketshare, etc.,

    One very strong common theme among all Nortel CEOs is that they keep their bonuses for a year worse every time it is counted.

    You can clearly see Nortel tanked the shares settlement liability directly due to their own actions of no guarantee revsions as creditors increased collateralization, profit on the liabilities they printed.

    CEO also downplayed revisions that doubled initial estimates to further downplay further penalty claiming the work was already done when these revisions werebrand new and dramatic.

    From day one, even with Norel’s newly appointed “Ethics Officer”at the helm, this first time CEO defrauded his passed employer no less than 8 seperate written occassions who passed him by while ironically joining a company struggling to regain credibility. He is paid a premium at $37M/yr., more than his predecessor with multiply greater academic credentials!

    The company he defrauded was Nortel “last dance partner” in any hope of merger even if anyone wanted them as we see how their acquisitions or partnerships have went.

    Fraud still costs them nothing printing paper, buying time, as criminal results loom. Creditors who increased cash collateralization didn’t appreciate their sense of humour any more than those closing loopholes requiring pension liabilities be listed in future bond applications.

    Ongoing contradictions with the long boasted cutting of R&D! Provides no long awaited plan, directionless. Stars are aligned in an optimism that is traditionally contradicted albeit he admits there is no easy fix, miracles, tall mountains to climb, as they sell assets, business, print paper, lose margins, marketshare. credibility, etc… it is endless

    They even hide ammendments to the Flexronics deal recently ! What profitability is light/heavy reading refering to I wonder. Their largest asset appears on the books as a tax write off as they present financials like a sales flyer on their web site.

    Surrounding himself with GE seniors he holds close relationships with to battle Nortel’s woes as he can noit recuit from Motorola, his green team “risking their careers” don’t have that many career years left anyway.

    If profitability is the only issue here, perhaps light reading has a lot of confidence in their ongoing abilities or mastering the art of contradictions, deception, supressing the truth, finding loopholes, etc! I sure don’t see it.

    If Nortel doesn’t perform in 2007, I suspect he will be another well paid victim of Nortel’s turnstile CEOs before they formally announce a liquidity crisis/insolvency. Hardly worthy of any awards but for mastering delay and deceit, it sure isn’t in anticipated profits with all that await them in fines, reverse splits, criminal results, derviative class actions, dilution, declining cash/business/margins, etc… it is endless…

    Is this award by light reading a typo for the worst not best awards or did some one at Nortel get a hold of this media outlet like when ethical Gary Deichendt was slandered for abruptly quitting? =)

  2. Leave a Reply Says:


  3. UMTS Says:

    Is this serious??!! Ah, maybe it’s like cinema awards, where cinema professionals are giving awards to their owns whatever is the public opinion on the movies…

    Because for a company focused on telecom industry and making most of it’s business in wireless, a guy who is masturbating on MIMO (= radio diversity that have always been ther since GSM beginning!) and wifi extensions to make serious infrastructure… Mike Z, does it means Mike Zero?

    All this is really bullshit…

  4. rock samborsky Says:

    Dear blog readers, be warned that “observer” is really “jamezzz4”, recently banned from the yahoo board for abusive behavior and general nuttiness.

    So there you go.

  5. observer's psychiatrist Says:

    yes rock samborsky – good “observation”

    this individual jamezzz has flown the coup and has failed to respond to various therapies, and therefore I am sad to inform all that jamezzz is an incurable.

  6. rock samborsky Says:

    Jamezzz is wandering about downtown Toronto in a housecoat, his feet swathed in Sobey’s bags, carrying a bible and a copy of the 2005 Nortel annual report, shouting obscenities and muttering about his lost “mediterranean pad”- in actuality a tiny apartment in a Piraeus slum- inherited from his grandfather and lost to a stupid gamble in the stock market.

    I hope he gets better. Maybe fresh air will help.

  7. borkb Says:

    Here’s a dirty little industry secret: you get picked or put on the short list for these things if you buy big ads in the magazine or spend a lot on market research from the company that is giving out the award. If I bought $100K of Light Reading’s reports, I could get nominated or selected as “Big Telecom Blowhard of 2006” or whatever.

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