Have a Coke…and an Executive

Nortel has raided the management ranks of Coca-Cola Co. to hire Ellen Bovarnick to oversee its SixSigma quality standards program, as well as manage customer satisfaction and process improvements. Bovarnick, who has been VP of business process excellence with Coca-Cola, will report to Joe Hackney, Nortel’s senior vice president of global operations and quality. (Source: Triangle Business Journal)


2 Responses to “Have a Coke…and an Executive”

  1. Observer Says:

    They must have misinterpreted “things go better with coke” from their sales people’s suggestions. =)

    This company’s arrogance is reflected in its wonderful sense of humour, albeit unappreciated by regulating authorities, creditors, the police, customers, peers, and shareholders.

    I wonder if they will change their slogan again. Seems they have gone through a few catchy phrases already like:

    “beyond boundaries” was fine before the police and regulatory authorities stepped in for fraud investigations (still looming btw w/many still there)

    “this is the way” (has proven for lemmings)

    “business made simple” ( business made stupid with tanking gambles and contradictions. No business is simple enough)

    “the real thing” will be announced in 2008 when 1.8B debt is coincidentally due with getting their extended controls repaired with expensive $300M in SAPs software encorporating Betty Crockers functions and expressions for advanced loophole finangling. They can’t print paper this time and we have 2007’s costs/profit to deal with well before then and a projected 1.6B by 2006 year end. The arithmatic is not their friend.

    Lets face it, Nortanic tanks every which way it turns with no miracles in the not too distant future, no easy fixes , no plan/directionless, but tall mountains to climbs as it sells assets/business, and prints paper after one of the world’s largest frauds.

    Analyst Ross Healy suggests it will revisit the double bottom like when they neared bankruptcy last time at 43 cents U.S., with exponentially more woes this time around you can be sure. Makes sense considering the dilution and reverse split(s). I don’t think any new slogans, ethics officers, CEOs, or people from Coke or Pepsi will save them… =)

  2. rock samborsky Says:

    Too cold outside for you today? Taking a break from waving your Nortel annual report at the tourists? Are they providing computers at the Y or are you at the library? Can’t believe they let you in there, you’ll scare the kids.

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