All the VoIP thats Fit to Use

Nortel has been selected by the New York Times to provide a suite of technology (IP phones, unified messaging, contact centre) for the newspaper’s new headquarters in Times Square. The technology, which has to be seen as a coup for Nortel, will allow the NYT’s reporters and editors to conduct “instant me” audio conference calls to collaborate on stories with other reporters. “Our new headquarters will reflect a corporate vision of openness to our readers and our community, as well as our commitment to quality and integrity,” said David Thurm, vice president and chief information officer for The New York Times Company. “Because we expect real business benefits from this new building, we’ve taken an aggressive role in every step of its design and construction, including selection of the technology that will help keep us open and connected to the global community we serve.” The press release can be found here.


14 Responses to “All the VoIP thats Fit to Use”

  1. Observer Says:

    “The list price of just the Nortel hardware going into the new Times building is about $10 million, not including the cost of Nortel Global Services, which is providing product installation, and 24-by-seven postinstallation support services. The Times would not say the exact cost of the products and services from Nortel.”

    Nortel’s announcements of peanuts never ceases to amaze. They need to sell a billion a month, never mind hyping $10 million.

    I guess the good news they may be trying to convey is that there is anyone, someone, on the planet still willing to do business with them. Mind you the Times order was 2 years in the making.

    Another order recently announced (7.7M over 4 years = ALMOST 2 million a year), is also peanuts:

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to operate and maintain the NRC’s digital courtroom systems selects Nortel Government Solutions. So what, show me the money.

    PEC er NGS earnings/profits are at a declining $15M a year since 2002. What is the earnings/profit on a $1.925M sale? NT paid $448M for PEC’s (now NGS) $15M in profits .

    Last large order was BSNL, years ago. Others merge now.

    BT’s stock chart looks great (1they excluded NT in their $19B tender using everyone else). Looks like BT is doing all the right things. Huawei is also doing just great and I noticed the NT partnership was a no go, like Putian, Force 10, etc… No Neptune or BSNL profits, etc., As a result, I have more faith in companies like these and less with companies like Microsoft or LG desperate enough to entertain aligning themselves with a comopany like Nortel.

    heh, call me bias but money talks in the survival of the fittest here. Piddley orders and losing money fools no one.

  2. rock samborsky Says:

    Call you “bias”? I call you a deranged fruit-loop. Get a life, Markis.

  3. jamming1 Says:


    For someone that is so anti Nortel, why do you spend so much time on here? What is the beef you have? Maybe we can help! Where you abused as a child, do you have homosexualy thoughts that you are tryng to fight or did mommy not breast feed you enough as a baby. What is the issue with you?

    Did you loose a bunch of money from Nortel stock? Did you get laid off during the DOTBomb days? Your arguments are staight from a Cisco playbook. Please don’t tell me your a Cisco fan. Anyone who really knows Networking and VoIP knows that Cisco doesn’t have the best products out there.

    Come on, give me an example of something on this “Nortel” news blog that you would not criticize. Something besides “Nortel just going away” because that is what we are expecting to hear from you. Surpise me! Make me think something diffrent of you besides…um bitter and just another internet rant’er.

  4. Luke Says:


    I was about to write a very similar comment, but you already did it very well.

    I also think observer’s anger could come from having been unable to get one of those high paid contract jobs from Nortel during the telecom boom, when really everyone was hired on the street and paid 100+/hr. He was refused the job because of his nasty behavior and complete inability to acquire even basic skills.

  5. rock samborsky Says:

    Observer is Jamezzz4, who has been bombarding the Yahoo NT message board with incoherent, negative garbage like this for several years. He revealed, last spring, a link to a Toronto Star article about himself, around the time the lawsuit settlements were announced. His name was indicated in the article as James Markis of Bolton, Ontario. He claimed to have lost about a hundred thousand dollars ( but on the message board he claimed losses over twice that) over Nortel stock. He indicated that the money lost was left to him by his grandfather, as if that were at all relevant unless as a cautionary tale to grandparents with moronic grandchildren.

    His Jamezzz id was recently banned but now he posts as “protospherical”.

    This blog is just a new forum for his crap.

    This individual is deranged, an annoyance to all and a waste of bandwidth.

  6. Brainbell Jangler Says:

    The latest forbes magazine has an ad by Nortel touting its contract with Chrysler to supply Voip phones, etc. Is this news?
    If the US goes into a recession in 07 what typically happens to telecom during a slow down in the economy. End of Nortel or opportunity
    Nortel has agreed to settle 1 of 3 or 4 lawsuits any idea when the sec will start or finish inquiry and other suits? Any guess how long afterwards shares to settle would be issued?

    Look at Mr. Z photo he’s a bono fide warrior

  7. Observer Says:

    The SEC will fine them huge to reflect the gravity of one of the largest fraud settlements. Nortel warned they made no provisions for fines and the SEC won’t take Nortel paper in high risk rated bonds or tanking shares they tanked due to their own direct actions of doubling revision estimates to add no guarantees (the market does the resy as they exhause assets to selling the business while hiding Flex ammendments, etc.,).

    Fines will come from their rapidly declining cash they printed so much for paper to keep and look solvent,keep like the fraud bonuses for a year worse every time they count it, restating a restated restatement sounds funny after so many years/delays/extending repair to boot.

    Declining Cash is estimated at $1.6B by year end and 2007’s ongoing high costs/declining business and margins plus high yeild bond premiums will only further erode what they must pay fines from. There may also be government fines since they publicly admitted fraud on several occassions rolling over on those with who they held close relationships with. OSC may have something to say too.

    It is not only the SEC lawsuits (shareholder lawsuits need final approval. a derivative class action is launched last February due to their reluctance to chase past officers even after repeated requests while they spent a milion defending 5 of these plea bargained guys who denied obvious red flags for bonuses they approved and received in 80 evengelicalized no gflies on us board meetings, as well as many independant cases too I would imagine, etc…)

    Criminal results also loom on both sides of the border (RCMP/Dept of Justice/FBI/SEC/etc.) as the media reiterates investigations are ongoing. So I suspect the police and DOJ will bring formal criminal charges as a given.

    The dilution effect of 14.5% of the company in 628M shares above their traditional 100M shares a year, more than they earn, let alone the hundreds of millions they increasingly lose, will effect their diluting pool. The must dilute more for the same value.

    The effects of the reverse split tanks 75% of a company’s stock, let alone in Nortel’s case.

    There is lots of news yet to hit the fan in this saga with settlements, derivative class action, regulatory and perhaps government fines, criminal charges for a case of mass orchastrated fraud with so many still there no better why laws are written , failed gambles, no mergers, and the planet increasingly wanting absolutely nothing to do with them on their way to a liquidity crisis/bankruptcy which puts the declining shares portion of the settlement in jeopardy, so who knows when they SEC will announce anything.

    Mr. Z is a shoe in defrauding from day one as ethical people abruptly depart, one who quit even got slandered for it. Nothing has changed there, for the better anyways. I love the photo pf Mike Z’s rounded collars, I see his tailor has a wonderful sense of humour too.

    The multi ID unethical fabricating Nortel-holic cheerleaders stalking here are a direct reflection of the fraud they support, they live to lie and personally attack, contributing zero on other message boards too since a multiple of its value over the last few years. Employees I suspect to reflect the ethics and integrity of the company they pump to the core. What other reptiles would badger proven critics like we were telling them to buy their stock all the way down or something.

  8. rock samborsky Says:


    Oh, so the Toronto Star article is innacurate is it Jamezzz?

    “What other reptiles would badger proven critics like we were telling them to buy their stock all the way down or something”

    This little gem from your psychotic rant above illustrates that that you’re illiterate as well as crazy. Now how’s that for a personal attack, fruit-loop?

    “proven critic”? What’s that? As opposed to an ‘unproven’ critic???

    “buy their stock all the way down or something”? Something? What is that?


  9. Observer Says:

    your posts speak for themselves and merit no reply, you are a challenged and unethical criminal fraud

    when was the last time you contributed anything to the topic but personally attck for you vested interest in this dog stock over the last few years since a multiple of its value?

    You gender challenged stalking cheerleaders have been exposed on Yahoo endlessly for selling immune cure all juice at the “” site, eliciting World Trade Center victims and Tsunami relief fraud donations, selling holistic healing degrees, with links to Legacy for Life under “abc4all” providing endless unethical internet spam, as googlesearch shows…

    We know you are, the most unethical reptiles chronically fabricate and lie while calling others liars for your challenged vested interest, well worthy of comment so the readers here can clearly see what an idiot you are here too polluting this blog and what we are dealing with.

    I’d also bet the SEC is already investigating the “mindgallery” Nortel pumper ID on Yahoo like the FDA is “abcsofhealth”. Unimaginable that poor excuse foir human beings like you are out there, a perfect Nortel supporter, like their perfect money motivated and frustrated CEO who defrauded from day one, downplayed revisions/penalty or contradicted providing a plan or cutting R&D, like half their management team pulling the puppet strings as we await criminal results in this saga they remain reluctant to chase past officers.

    As an employee or challenged underwater shareholder, you are beyond any slug I could possibly conceive of from a moral standpoint. I ahev nothing against the company, I state facts as I see them, it is the fraud and frauds like you I can not stand. So I expose them.

    birds of a feather flock together.

  10. rock samborsky Says:

    You have no credibility because you’re mentally ill and your brains are scrambled.

    You’re wrecking what is otherwise a nice blog.

    What do you say, Mark?

  11. Peterson Says:

    You are the one that sounds “mentally ill”

    At least he’s informative.

  12. rock samborsky Says:

    You call those loopy rants “informative”? God help you. Jamezzz’s litte sermons are text-book schizophrenia. Run them by a shrink if you don’t believe me.

  13. Dr. Laura Says:

    Awww poor little Observer. He’s flirting with Mark again. People understand that you are desperate for public attention. Are you thinking that Mark is going to write a National Post story about you and your passion for the destruction of Nortel? Maybe you can call the Asper family and flirt with them too, since they would have the power to make Mark write a story about. Observer needs to be careful how much he flirts with Mark, since his yahoo buddy yes4aapi will get very jealous.

  14. Leave a Reply Says:

    “your posts speak for themselves and merit no reply, you are a challenged and unethical criminal fraud”

    And then you have the hide to claim that you prefer not to personally attack others? Markis you are a very black kettle.

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