Nortel Q3 Results Out Tuesday

Nortel is expected to post a third-quarter profit of 1 cent a share, compared with a loss of 1 cent a year ago.


3 Responses to “Nortel Q3 Results Out Tuesday”

  1. Yvon Landry Says:

    This is just an opinion so far. Mike has been doing a great job. no frosting just the fact so far. hope he keep on doing if.

  2. Observer Says:

    Look at cash, less what was liquidated and printed, R&D/SGA costs, cash from operations, margins, etc., i.e. show me the money

    Investigate the details if you can. It will take time to sift through them you can bet. Just check out their most recent 8-K Nortel concerning Felxtronics. Some transparency.

    Remember how Q205 raised the stock up to $3.50 levels? Q105 played musical chairs with product headings. Q404 optimism contradicted, and as for following periods, well… you know… revised.

    Anything can be announced tomorrow and will! LOL

    The more desperate they get, the greater the gravity later it seems.

    …and what if they did not revise, would they have seen a profit last quarter or had any money to move into this? LOL

    I do not anticipate a pleasant inevitable outcome.

    This stock is a joke. Anyone still waiting for some kind of turnaround in this linear death spiral will be sadly dissapointed. Otherwise, count on them excersicing no guarantees again. We see what their business is.

  3. jayemmay Says:

    Nortel announced third quarter earnings of a loss of two cents per share. Since this is less than “expectations” the stock price should theoretically drop for a while.

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