Has Susan Shepard Quit?

According to an Angel TeleManagement Group newsletter, Nortel’s chief ethics and compliance officer, Susan Shepard, has resigned to “pursue other interests”. There is no news about it online, and Shepard’s bio is live on Nortel’s Web site. Shephard was among the many executives hired by ex-CEO Bill Owens. Update: According to an 8-K filed with the SEC, Shepard tendered her resignation on Nov. 6., and will stop working for Nortel on Dec. 1. Tags: ,


5 Responses to “Has Susan Shepard Quit?”

  1. Observer Says:

    Did they say what other interest she is going to pursue or whether anyone is going to replace her?

    Nortel boasted this newly created appointment an ethics officer as a major move in re-establishing credibility when scandal first broke. Does this mean they no longer need one or are they goining to hire some one else. Did they say?

    Where was this ethics officer was there before Nortel paid a millions in premium for a green passed by CEO to indirectly repay Motorola for the contract he signed on no less than 8 seperate occassions. Sleeping at the helm or were her hands tied?

    I do not know if the ethics officer would investigate matters like the slander of Gary Daichendt either.

    Given she reports to some one in management, her appointment alone would seem a conflict of interest I always thought. Like what would she do if she disagreed? Lie or Quit?

    Many under Owens rule are getting the axe or leaving. I wonder why. Like their Apple/Harvard Marketing guy, maybe they think less is better in business made simple.

    Humorous theatrics as the company revises worse every time they count and play musical chairs with their numbers, product groups and puppets as the theme remains the same, always overstating, hyping next quarter or next year, while losing money and maintaining their lottery pay practices/keeping vast majority of bonuses. What ethics.

    I also wonder how theirChief Legal Officer before Nortel’s darkest hour suddenly retires and just what he did to merit being one of the largest bonus recipients. Although he was one of a few to repay, he did even better with his stock options. Awesome management severences too as they cut employees pension benefits now.

    I also wonder why Spradley, McFaden, Malcolm, et. al. really left, especially Malcolm NT was so tight lipped about…even Owens’ departure was rather ambiguous and abrupt. We have witnessed events and stock reactions since so many better heads previaled for the worse. I question how many of their invaluable top engineers left for greener pastures too.

    Owens’ people are gone, is there anyone left? More importantly why is their transparency short of stellar to this very day given their most recent 8K and the CEO reiterating he was answering questions on obligations of transparency. Even Peter Currie gave his traditional, let me answer this, or let me answer that, like anyone was going to stop him. He didn’t ask us to draw our own conclusions this time but rather cut in answering Mikes questions tripping over themselves.

    We know so little beyond what we read, we can only infer given they contradict what they say. So who’s the next ethics officer? Anyone?

  2. Yvon Landry Says:

    Hope she did. 100 Thousand dollar a year saving. Good for businnes. Hope they wan’t replace her.

  3. Nortel fan Says:

    A lot of saving on salary is needed. Part of the turn around strategy anyway.

  4. Ottawa Says:

    Another rant from Observer………

    Blah Blah Blah…………


  5. Observer Says:

    Ottawa, why the long face?

    Was there anything you disagree with to contribute to the topic?

    I am objective enough to consider areas I may be incorrect and would be delighted to be enlightened.

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