Nortel Networks 101

If you’re interested enough in Nortel Networks to spend 343 Euros on a research report, here’s your chance. Research and Markets writes these "Company Intelligence Report" to provide "essential information on network operators and equipment manufacturers. The reports are concise and easy to read, outlining the companys recent activities and corporate strategy, and providing essential financial performance data and contact details." Tags: ,


2 Responses to “Nortel Networks 101”

  1. Observer Says:

    One doesn’t need to spend 500 bucks Canadian just to confirm Nortel is in big trouble. It looks like they are heading towards a liquidity crisis in the not too distant future with delining cash/fines/debt issues and tanking operations as they proverbially overstate or move numbers yet again. All they have to do is read the events over the last few years to determine outlook in a report based on unreliable numbers.

    The “essential financial performance data” is humourous. Where would they be getting their information from any more reliably than Nortel who furnishes these unreliably with “no guarantees” operating under safe harbour.

    There is so much more to come we anticipate than the multiply and more dire surprises we keep getting bombarded with I question what good they are aside from confirming Nortel is in deep trouble where the term struggling after sellling assets/business/paper/etc. is an understatement.

    Operations tank with costs linear to business in their death spiral, directionless, as the planet avoids them like the plague using others who are profitable, merge, or are bracing for the future without a fraction of their woes.

    Will these reports show where the $1.5B in recent revsions went or how much of these have been included in their most recent quarter’s claim to 2.9B revenues with loses of 99M, 1M off the triple digit mark, hot dog. If you can believe this 2.9B given their history.

    Even their most recent 8-K’s ammendments with Flextronics lacks disclosure and they refused to comment on it to boot. How can a third party furnish unreliable or untransparent information any better Nortel?

    Will they join Nortel with their endless contradictions should these unreliable no guarantees numbers be false in their report?

  2. Ryan Says:

    I’d love to spend $500 Canadian, unfortunately I purchased shares in Nortel—Come to think of it, it seems to me as though the paper that document is written on will one day be worth more than Nortel shares. Maybe that was a better investment…hmmm??

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