Nortel Investor Conference on Nov. 15

Nortel is holding its annual investor conference on Nov. 15. with an audio Webcast available. Here’s the schedule:

8:00 AM
Terry Glofcheskie, Vice President, Investor Relations – introduction

Mike Zafirovski, President and Chief Executive Officer – opening remarks and macro view of Nortel
Peter Currie, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer – financial overview
George Riedel, Chief Strategy Officer – strategy overview
John Roese, Chief Technology Officer – tech focus areas
Dennis Carey, Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations – driving operational efficiency
Joel Hackney, Sr. Vice President, Global Operations and Quality – driving operational efficiency and customer service

1:00 PM
Steve Slattery, President Enterprise Solutions
Dion Joannou, President North America Regions
Richard Lowe, President Mobility and Converged Core Networks
Peter MacKinnon, General Manager, WiMAX and Chairman, LG-Nortel Joint Venture
Phillipe Morin, President Metro Ethernet Networks
Sorin Lupu, Leader Eastern Europe Markets
Dietmar Wendt, President Global Services
Martha Bejar, President Caribbean and Latin America Region
Lauren Flaherty, Chief Marketing Officer
Mike Zafirovski

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2 Responses to “Nortel Investor Conference on Nov. 15”

  1. Godzilla Says:

    of the presentations I saw, Joel Hackney’s was the most impressive.

    from the others, there is still no convincing answer as to how they are going to grow the top line

  2. Ryan Says:

    Godzilla, there was nothing convincing said simply because they have nothing convincing to say. I think board meetings consist of day dreaming with nice fantasies about somehow stealing market share from ever-increasing efficient companies that are merging and growing.

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