Nortel Wins $20M Deal in Iraq

Nortel is getting involved in the reconstruction of Iraq’s infrastructure with a $20-million contract to build a new, 5,000-kilometer fibre-optic network for Iraq Telecommunications & Post Corp. The network, which will deliver data, video and multi-media services, will be linked an another network built by Nortel in 2004 that runs between Basra and Baghdad. "This national project is vitally important to the many telecommunications projects underway that will help rebuild the capabilities of the Iraqi society and economy," said Mohamed Allawi, Iraq’s minister of communications, in a press release. Tags: , ,

One Response to “Nortel Wins $20M Deal in Iraq”

  1. Apple Says:

    How a company can get profit from $20 mill order to install internet infrastructure for 35 cities. It is $500 000 for one city!
    or the other way
    5000 km of lines so it is like $4 for 3 feet of lines including materials, engineering, labor and gears! Don’t forget heavy duty vehicles and guards_soldiers to protect employees in the war zone!
    Nortel will lose $100 mill on that order easily. The ratio 5:1 will be much worse than BSNL deal with $1 loss on each Dollar of revenue.
    Nortel is desperate to get anything from anyone to just show they are doing business.

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