Nortel in the WSJ Spotlight

Nortel’s “recovery” has caught the attention of the Wall St. Journal, which published a story today (subscription needed). In the story, CEO Mike Zafirovski said the company’s financial rebound will come from reducing costs by $1.5-billion by 2008 and a boost in profit margins from new product offerings.

One Response to “Nortel in the WSJ Spotlight”

  1. Observer Says:

    Costs and cuts will be a proverbially challenge, something I remain pessimistic about ever surmounting. However, here’s something I felt was interesting in connection with new product development. A company in its own backyard that Nortel should get more excited about working with than even Microsoft.

    “RIM buys small software company

    Globe and Mail Update-Posted AT 1:00 PM EST ON 23/11/06

    Research In Motion Ltd. has bought a small company whose software is used to manage wireless networks.

    Epoch Integration Inc. has been well known to many of RIM’s customers for years. The Toronto firm’s main product, called NeedText, is a set of software tools for managing RIM’s BlackBerry enterprise server, a product that corporate and government clients use to dish out and collect data to and from their BlackBerry devices.

    Epoch said that NeedText will now be integrated into future versions of the BlackBerry enterprise server. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    Robert Dennison, an analyst with UBS Securities Canada Inc., described the acquisition as “tuck-in” technology for RIM. He said the addition of Epoch fits into the company’s broad strategy of steadily improving its wireless email technology for the corporate market. “

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