The Week in Nortel

Nortel shares had a good week, climbing about 10% to close Friday at $22.54 in New York. It wasn’t the most newsworthy week with the highlight being Nortel’s decision to turf Deloitte & Touche as its auditor after a 92-year relationship.


2 Responses to “The Week in Nortel”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I heard so much negative press about Nortel’s decision to go forward with the stock consolidation. Then one week into it we have seen the stock price jump 10%, something rarely seen on a weekly basis even before the consolidation. Can someone inform me on why that is, because I’m certainly not complaining, but I fear the stock might be hurt by profit takers next week.

  2. Stanley Says:

    Only a few months ago Nortel claimed it had no intentions of changing its auditors. Was this really Nortel’s decision?

    Only a few months ago, Deloitte claimed they did not want to speak about their relationship with Nortel on a public basis. Was this really Nortel’s decision?

    Who said this was “nortel’s decisions” after their long 92 year relationship.

    Even the plaintiff’s lawyers are omitting and twisting key arguments in the settlement objections with questionable motive. Is their any truth anywhere to the ambiguities in endless puzzles surrounding this seemingly resilient and powerful tanker defying physics in still trading?

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