The Power of Barron’s?

Maybe investors’ enthusiasm for Nortel is healthily tempered. The stock has climbed a modest 30 cents to $22.84 in mid-afternoon trading despite the positive piece in Barron’s. Interesting.


2 Responses to “The Power of Barron’s?”

  1. Massimo Says:

    Nortel is bound to be leader in almost the market segment in which is present and, can you believe it?, leading innovator for some of them like PBT in Carrier-grade Ethernet Switch, a hugely growing market opportunity both at the edge and the core.
    Being a leaner and more focused competitor in comparison to the new larger agglomerate may put Nortel at and advantage.
    Management is extremely focused and committed to the 1.5 bln$ cost savings by 2008 and, even this is a tough job, chances are that they will succeed to accomplish a significant part of it.
    Technically speaking by some advanced market indicators, Nortel is a great buy in my opinion and may considerably rise by 2008 year-end.

  2. Ryan Says:

    I think that we need to keep in mind two things. For every yes-sayer, such as Barron’s, there are many more nay-sayers of Nortel. This critics will continue to keep the stock price low until the company has full-out proven itself. Secondly, the Barron’s report was highly optimistic, using numbers and projections that are at the higher end of estimates, according to what I heard on ROB-TV today. But hopefully many more investors will begin to see the value in this stock and its potential and jump on board as well. I must admit, I was disappointed with today’s performance given the article.

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