Nortel’s New Niche: Hockey

If this whole Wi-Max strategy doesn’t work out, Nortel may have another wireless business poised to propel growth: hockey arenas. Nortel has signed a deal with Scotiabank place – the home of the Ottawa Senators – to provide a “state of the art” wireless network throughout the building. Earlier this year, Nortel signed a wireless deal with the Bell Centre where the Montreal Canadiens play. “Nortel is pleased to continue its long-standing partnership with the Ottawa Senators. In addition to rebuilding the Senators’ communications network, Nortel will build a customer visit centre in one of the Scotiabank Place suites,” said John Roese, Nortel’s chief technology officer. “We’ll be able to bring customers into the suite to watch some exciting hockey and, at the same time, see the latest technology in action.”

One Response to “Nortel’s New Niche: Hockey”

  1. Observer Says:

    Great, they have cornered the hockey arena and third world countries railway markets. What’s next?

    When was the last large order from these guys? BSNL?

    We see how acqusitions like PEC is doing, how is their core business coming along?

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