The Kings of Cash

Motley Fool has a story called the “Three Kings of Cash”, looking at companies (Qualcomm, Garmin, Volcom) that generates lots of free cash flow. For Nortel watchers, one paragraph that stood out was this one:
“Unlike companies such as Nortel Networks (NYSE: NT), Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI), and (Nasdaq: OSTK), which struggle to keep the cash from gushing out their corporate windows, these companies have free cash practically flooding into them.”


4 Responses to “The Kings of Cash”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Hopefully some of that cash will one day be flooding into shareholder’s pockets. By the way, can anyone else comment on why the Barron’s article had such little effect, I mentioned my thoughts on it previously, but still not completely sure. Thank you!

  2. The psychiatrist Says:

    What else is new,besides the fact Motley Fool taking another shot at Nortel?

    just about every article they write always includes Nortel in some negative way,guess they must have been burned by Nortel,but not under Mike Zafirovski, so why continue to take potshots?

  3. kaj Says:

    The Barron’s article had no effect on share price because the market has heard promises from Nortel for the last 5 years with little effect. I think everyone wants to see real results before bidding up the share price. The subsequent comments from Mr Z saying the turnaround will not be done until 2008 dampened buying sentiment. Nortel needs to start executing and stop talking. What is the expression? Bullcrap walks and money talks… Lets see some financial results Mr Z, you’ve had a year.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ‘cos they are fools. i have been reading TMF quite often and do get the sense that they promote stocks they own and in some twisted form of penning an article, they elegantly impale stocks of companies they don’t own.

    I don’t pay any more attention to TMF .. email filter trashes incoming junk that they never stop sending.

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