Is Nortel Back in BT’s Good Books?

After being unceremoniously excluded from BT’s $19-billion next-generation network project a couple of years ago, it looks like Nortel could be getting back in BT’s good books. The two companies have signed a new, three-year deal with will see Nortel help BT provide its business customers with VoIP, multi-media, instant messaging and mobile communications services. “BT’s customers are turning to convergence to improve the efficiency and flexibility of their businesses,” said Andy Green, BT Global Services’ CEO. “To support them we must ensure that we have the right partners in place with leading-edge portfolios, the highest levels of commitment and a shared vision.”
Perhaps what’s most intriguing about the press release it is it suggests “the signing of the new agreement between BT and Nortel is part of an extensive review by BT of its vendor partnership strategy.” I wonder if this statement just involves mobile, VoIP, multi-media and instant messaging technology or whether it suggests a broader review.
For more on this news, check out TMCnet.

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