Should Cisco Be Worried?

Network World’s Jim Duffy sat down for an interview with Nortel CEO MIke Zafirovski. Duffy wasted no time putting Zafirovski on the spot by asking him why Cisco should worry about Nortel. Here’s the answer:
Cisco is a great company; I have lots of respect for them. Most people would say they are a very powerful sales and marketing machine, not necessarily an innovator. [But Nortel] is a very passionate company that really wants to make a difference, to be a great alternative. A company that has led in most communications, including the evolutions on IP. We are very committed to lead again and we believe we are bringing our innovation back to a core competency [with] smarter commercialization of that technology. And most important, a company that’s going to make business simple and more flexible than any other company out there.”

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4 Responses to “Should Cisco Be Worried?”

  1. jbranger Says:

    nt had a great week on the TSE closing ABOVE its 200 day moving average with fridays close of $26.70

    first time this has happened in a long time


  2. Ryan Says:

    Turns out I can no longer hold any ill-feelings toward Nortel. I have been a disgruntled shareholder for nearly 6 months now, however since the consolidation I have been more than happy. Should Cisco be worried? With Mike Z at the helm of Nortel, any competitor should be worried. Turns out Nortel’s turnaround is on track, however slow it may be. Lets keep this momentum going into 2007.

  3. Andy C Says:

    I think Mike Zafirovski should look at the products he is putting out, having worked on the Nortel CS1000x products and worked with the Nortel support Engineers, Cisco have got absolutley nothing to worry about!

  4. Apple Says:

    having worked on the Nortel CS1000x products and worked with the Nortel support Engineers, Cisco have got absolutley nothing to worry about
    let’s make it clear.
    I understand you know Nortel because you worked there.
    Second, you think Nortel’s products are not a competition for CISCO.
    Am I right?
    I know that CISCO is very profitable but NT is not!
    What does it tell me?
    It tells me that CISCO’s customers are ready to pay high price for CISCO products.
    and I know Nortel is not able to sell its products with a profit!
    Nortel has not been profitable for ages!
    BSNL deal was a disaster!
    $1 loss on $1 of revenue.
    Iraq deal will be $5 loss on $1 revenue!
    How do I know that?
    It’s an easy one.
    5000 km of fiber in 35 cities for $20 mill is a LOSS LEADER!
    but hey Nortel says that Mike has to be paid $37 mill after 6 months on the job! /links available/

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