Nortel Gets Another New PR Head

Nortel received an early holiday gift after Ron Alepian agreed to come over from BCE to become the telecom equipment maker’s v.p. of global communications. He replaces Bill Durling, who replaced, Marian MacKenzie, who replaced…Well, you get the picture. Alepian will be responsible for the “strategy and execution for global public relations, employee and executive communications, and industry analyst relations”. Before taking on the Nortel assignment, he was senior director, corporate communications with Bell Canada/BCE Inc. I hope you know what you’re getting yourself in to, Mr. Alepian…:)

3 Responses to “Nortel Gets Another New PR Head”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    must be better than the others. pr kind of sucked so Alepian should be good for nortel.

  2. Alastair A. Says:

    Have known Alepian for years. Has a keen sense of communications as a business tool. Nortel keeps attracting top talent. Too bad for Bell…

  3. Simon Dewey Says:

    Guys – I think this is good news. Was a key area that Nortel needed to focus on. Good press in not what serious communications is about. It is about trust, and earning it back is key. Mr. Alepian, to quote Mr. Evans: hope you know what you are getting yourself into…:).
    Nortel communications needs to be overhauled and seriously re-directed. And the work you have done at Bell over the past few years means you know what is required. Good luck.

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