Now, Forbes Loves Nortel

Whoever is doing Nortel’s PR should be getting a huge year-end bonus. First, a glowing story in Forbes; then, another one in Barron’s; and now, a “Has Nortel Turned Around?” story in Forbes. This media bonanza featuring CEO Mike Zafirovski is a far cry from his predecessors, Frank Dunn and Bill Owens. Dunn had an open disdain for the media, and rarely provided interviews, while Owens was talked the talk but couldn’t walk the walk. In terms of what Zafirovski told Forbes, the most intriguing was a question about Nortel’s shopping list. His leading priority is enterprise, particularly data – although there was no insight into how big of a deal Nortel is prepared to make.

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    […] life. As one blogger notes, Nortel’s PR team deserves a “huge year-end bonus” for glowing coverage in Forbes and Barron’s. And the folks over at The Motley Fool like 3Com’s recent […]

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