Nortel CTO Launches a Blog

Nortel chief technology officer John Roese has demonstrated a gift for the gab given the number of media interviews he has done since joining the company last year but now he’s jumped into the blogosphere with his own blog. Frankly, I’m stunned to see a high-profile executive with a Canadian company writing a blog, so Nortel and Roese should get some major props for doing it. Here’s an excerpt from Roese’s blog, which explains why he’s doing it.

External blogs are a new thing at Nortel and the fact that we had comments and observations from employees, customers, partners and others means that the medium has great potential for creating an on-going dialog with a broad audience of interest.

The opportunity to have a conversation with your customers, employees, investors and the media is why blogs should be a corporate marketing/communication staple. But despite books such as Naked Conversations that extoll the benefits of blogging, many companies remain cautious is not outright dismissive. It will interesting to see how much energy Roese puts into the blog but his first two entries suggest he’s enthusiastic. If I could offer a constructive piece of advice, Roese needs to make his posts much shorter because the first two entries required some serious time to read.

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    […] highlights a new (Canadian) business blog, the new Nortel blog written by its CTO.  Mark covered this on his Nortel blog (and elsewhere), but I like about Shel’s post is the perspective of […]

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