Is 3G Dead?

Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski said 3G isn’t up to the job of providing a fast enough network to meet the needs of broadband customers. At the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, Zafirovski said HSDPA (a technology that Nortel just happens to sell) is the way to go because it has the potential to have speeds of 14 Mbit/s, compared with 1 Mbit/s for 3G. 3G was also dissed by Simon Beresford-Wylie, CEO Designate of Nokia Siemens Networks, who was also on stage. Of course, 3G is yesterday’s news for telecom equipment makers who need the carriers to start buying new, higher-margin products. I mean, 3G is so yesterday, 4G is today!

Source: Lightreading.


2 Responses to “Is 3G Dead?”

  1. europe Says:

    Small correction – HSDPA or better HSPA (which covers HSDPA and HSUPA) is based on UMTS and uses more efficient coding schemes and channel usage. After all it is still 3G, maybe 3.5G as some people point out. Mike points his forces to 4G, aka LTE/Wimax/CDMA-Rev.C which goes well beyond the 14Mbit/s of 3G HSPA. Nortel has sold off their UTRAN portfolio, which covers HSPA.

  2. UMTS Says:

    Mickey really doesn’t know what he’s talking about! This is really ridiculous! This guy is only good at 2 things: Advertise for tooth brushes and write for woman press about how “bad” are some guys in his company!

    He should read some “telecoms for dummies” book…

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